ICYMI: iOS 9 and ATM malware

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iOS 9 released with a decent number of security improvements, including more 2FA and longer pin codes. ATM malware and skimmers are getting increasingly sophisticated.

iOS 9 was released just over a fortnight ago and came with a few very welcome security updates as well as introducing a nasty security flaw. Easy come, easy go.

Amongst the positives were a wider use of 2FA and increasing the minimum length of pin codes from 4 to 6 digits. Read more here.

The security flaw allows anyone to gain access to messages, contacts, photographs, etc. via Siri from the lock screen. Read more here.

ATM skimming hardware has been around for a long time. More often than not they involve a device placed over or inside the card slot to scan the chip, accompanied by a small camera or false key pad to record the pin.

However now we are increasingly seeing malware installed on the ATM itself in order to capture a victims details without risking a physical device being spotted.

Installing the malware is obviously difficult but it’s a concerning step in sophistication over the often very obvious physical skimmers. Read more here.

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