ICYMI: Chimera ransomware and Mac malware

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A new variant of the ‘Chimera’ ransomware is adopting scareware style tactics and Mac malware has seen a massive increase in 2015.

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Ransomware has been the flavour of the year but with the latest version of ‘Chimera’ ransomware has taken another nasty turn.

As it stands ‘Chimera’ is targeting German businesses but it’s highly likely that we’ll see it make the jump to the UK and America.

Once infected ‘Chimera’ threatens to publish your personal photos and documents online. Read more here.

Mac malware samples in 2015 are five-times higher than 2010-14 combined, a report from Bit9 Carbon Black has shown.

Apple users can no longer stand by the old, tired idea that ‘Macs don’t get viruses’. It’s best to get protected now as this number is only going to rise.

Apple’s immense popularity and growing market share appears to have attracted the wrong crowd. Read more here.

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