ICYMI: How secure are Apple Pay and Windows 10?

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Apple Pay launched in the UK this past week and it’s now just over a week until Windows 10 launches on July 29th. How secure are Apple Pay and Windows 10? Mark James lets us know.

If you happen to be curious about what happened on the blog week before a fortnight ago, then you can check out the previous ICYMI here.

Apple Pay released on the 14th of July and so far so good in terms of security.

Mark James, ESET IT security specialist, explains that “Apple have taken the security of Apple Pay very seriously.”

He goes on to describe the key security differences between Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods, concluding that Apple Pay is potentially much more secure.

If you’d like to read about the specific security measures in place you can find the blog post here.

Windows 10 launches in just over a week on the 29th of July. In the run up Microsoft have touted the now enhanced and new security features, Mark James talks through them.

Mark cites the “Improved security in browser” as well as “biometric and Two-factor authentication.

For Mark’s full analysis an opinion you can read the blog post in its entirety here.

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