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We held our first Security Day on Friday 27th February and it was a great success. We had some brilliant feedback and during the event we ran a few surveys. Mark James, ESET security specialist and speaker at the event, takes us through the results.

Mark looked at our Business focused survey results in this blog post.

Our second survey focused on the “Internet of Things”, specifically our delegates use of compatible devices and their thoughts on all that data flying around. Mark James, ESET security specialist, provides his comments on the results.

How many IoT devices do you own?

  • 29% One
  • 29% Four
  • 29% Five or more
  • 14% Three
  • 0% Two

“This figure will only grow as this technology takes a firm grip this year. Most households when they actually think about it have a large amount of devices already connected to the internet and sharing or retrieving information on a daily or weekly basis.”

Mark raises an interesting point, do we really think of some IoT devices as being connected? That’s the scary thing: we completely forget they are there whilst they could potentially still gather data.

Do you worry about how your data is handled by IoT devices?

  • 71% Absolutely
  • 14% Only when it’s in the news
  • 14% Not particularly
  • 0% Not at all
  • 0% I would not use IoT devices

“It’s relatively new and growing quickly, users often “need” the technology without even considering the security implications of having it.”

The results in this question were bound to weighted this way due to the kind of delegates an IT security event attracts. However it’s still refreshing to see people that are able to set company policy concerned.

How do you see your use of IoT devices evolving?

  • 80% I will wait until it’s more secure
  • 20% I’m an early adopter
  • 0% It’s just a fad
  • 0% I’m not interested yet / it’s not useful to me

“I think a lot of technically knowledgeable users will hold back, unfortunately the non-technical users will not, they will be the ones who will adopt early and be most at risk.”

Again this is unsurprising considering the audience but the point Mark raises is the worrying part: even if a service is unsecure the masses may still adopt it, often perceiving it as a need rather than a luxury.

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