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Mac’s can get viruses! Two viruses have been used to exploit Apple’s famously secure operating system.

No software is 100% secure. It simply isn’t possible. There is always a bug or vulnerability that can be found and exploited.

The exploits are pretty severe, both allowing high levels of control over the OS if properly implemented. Including the ability to infect other Apple products connected to the infected Mac.

Mac exploits

Mark James, ESET IT security specialist, explains that one exploit allows privilege escalation whilst the other allows almost complete system control.

“The exploits take advantage of vulnerabilities in the core systems, the first being a vulnerability known as a “privilege escalation” that bypasses a lot of Apples security features and gives the malicious program complete control of the underlying operating system.

“The second uses weaknesses in the firmware of the MAC that allows them to overwrite the code thus allowing them to do pretty much as they please.”

Advice for Mac users is much the same as it would be for Windows users in this situation.

Keeping their systems up to date and making sure they install the very latest patches from Apple will help as Apple themselves patch these vulnerabilities.

“They will want to do this as quick as possible to keep the reputation of MACS not falling foul to malware, but realistically no operating system is safe these days.

“Anything that uses software can be manipulated by software, also make sure they install Internet Security software from a well-known or established vendor.

“Ensure it updates regularly and also keep an eye on any hardware or software installed that you don’t need or use, remove or uninstall anything that falls under this bracket.”

People in glass houses…

Hopefully this will wake Mac users up to the dangers that malware can pose: you’re far less likely to defend yourself if you think no one is out to get you.

“Sadly no computer or device is safe, I appreciate some are safer than others but we all need to understand EVERY thing in this industry could have a vulnerability or exploit associated with it.

“As long as you remember this and understand the importance of backups and Internet Security along with Anti-virus then you are well on the way to protecting yourself.

“Also remember that not everything you read or visit on the internet is true, emails, web pages and social media can all be harvesting bad links or dodgy downloads all trying to infect your machine or steal your data regardless of who’s operating system your using.”

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