New Year Catch-Up

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Whilst we’ve been feasting and playing with our shiny new toys what has been happening in tech news? Online services have suffered and hackers have been very active.

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Gamer Tears

Lizard Squad said that the DDoS attacks of early December were only “a small dose” of what was to come and, much to the chagrin of gamers worldwide, they kept their word.

For the vast majority of the 48 million Xbox Live and 110 million PSN users, both services were down on Christmas day.

An alleged member of Lizard Squad claimed that they did it “because we can” and made a twisted claim that it was done so that children would spend less time “playing with their new consoles” and more time with their families.

It’s looks like all of these hack attacks could have been an intense marketing campaign for Lizard Squads’ hacking-as-a-service product – LizardStresser.

Sony Sorrow

Although it looked as if Sony caved to hackers demands to pull The Interview from release, they ended up releasing it online and showing the film in a limited number of cinemas in the US.

Lizard Squadreared their sinister head in this story as well: according to a senior Lizard Squad member they have links with Guardians of Peace (the group responsible for much of Sony’s recent issues) and may have passed them Sony logins credentials prior to the attack.

Whether we’ll ever really know who was responsible remains to be seen but I hope that other large companies will really take notice, if they haven’t already, and take a good look at the strength of their systems.

Nvidia Nightmare

Lastly, Nvidia have suffered a breach in which both employee and corporate account information was compromised.

Customer accounts appear to be secure but if you have an Nvidia account it wouldn’t hurt to change your password.

Nvidia have warned their employee’s to “be alert” for potential phishing attacks and to keep an eye out for bank fraud.

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Were you effected by the Playstation or Xbox outages? Do you blame Sony and Microsoft or the hackers?