Pokémon GO and Mobile Gaming

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Pokémon GO released last week and has been responsible for joy and problems in almost equal measure.


Pokémon GO was, or rather a few keen early adopters were, causing problems long before it actually hit Google and Apple’s App stores.

From impatient folks side-loading malware laden versions of the App before it’s official release to users being caught out by insidious copies which silently click porn ads in the background, cybercriminals have certainly been taking advantage of the hype.

On the other hand Pokémon GO got more installs than Tinder and achieved more daily users than Twitter, plus it’s getting people out and exploring their local environs!

Mobile Gaming

Much of this is nothing new: people have been caught out by dodgy clones of games and side-loading an App from a third-party store or elsewhere online is always a risk.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, explains that the immediate and fad nature of mobile gaming is becoming a major part of the games industry in general, whilst making mobile devices a significant malware target.

“Mobile gaming in particular opens up a whole new security headache as it is geared towards offering games to the masses.

“Gamers have traditionally been “nerds” with big expensive rigs and a good knowledge of IT in order to keep their systems running at optimal conditions.

“With the advent of mobile gaming this has all changed: playing games in small bursts in your spare time has boosted the industry with games requiring “little and often” attention rather than dedicating hours and hours.

“Often for the early adopters getting access may not be straight forward and may, as in this case, involve downloading or installing the app from unofficial sources which opens up a whole world of opportunity for hackers to compromise your device.

“As always in these cases it really is best to wait for official versions and be very mindful of where you download them from. Make sure you have a good regular updating internet security product installed and ensure you run regular scans.”

Have you been enjoying Pokémon GO?

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