Has ransomware become over-hyped?

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Is ransomware being over-hyped in the media and online to the point where scaremongering is outweighing the actual threat?

There’s no denying that ransomware is big news and a serious threat to both businesses and home users but are we talking about it too much?

Scaremongering is a genuine concern when it comes to news about new and threatening forms of malware, but so is not informing the user at all: a balance has to be found.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, doesn’t think it’s being over hyped and emphasises the need to inform as many users as possible about the potential threat.


Mark explains that scaremongering is constantly a concern when trying to inform the public about the latest and greatest security threat, but we stand to lose by not informing people at all.

“Scaremongering is always a concern when we talk about malware: whether it’s the latest breakthroughs or a new “super strain” of an old forgotten Trojan, the hardest part is getting the information over without it sounding like it’s the end of the world.

“The problem is for some people who are infected or encrypted it really does seem like the end of the world.”

Imagine for example that it’s your treasured family photos, an important client list, or your game files that have been encrypted! That would be pretty apocalyptic at first glance.

“People need to understand the risks, education is a strong tool and may be the deciding factor in a successful malware attack, if headlines make someone stop, read and take action then we have done our job.”

Have you ever been the victim of ransomware?

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