The IT Skills Gap

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Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, shares his views on industry skills shortage and advice on what the professionals can do to attract the best industry talent.


Is there a marked shortage of skilled IT professionals?

Absolutely, this industry moves at such a rate it’s very difficult to keep the needed knowledge up to date and cutting edge.

When starting in this field you have a base knowledge to build from, with so many avenues and tributaries to specialise in and each of them often constantly changing.

It’s very difficult to keep adapting to new and emerging technologies, with so much of this work reactive, skills can soon become stagnant if not built upon with regular ongoing training that includes risk assessment and real life scenarios.

What can organisations do to attract the best industry talent? Or develop it further?

Of course money is nice but it’s not always the deciding factor. Company reputation, advancement and ongoing training is usually high on the list of must-haves.

To do well in this industry you need to learn and develop constantly, having a good working environment and an employer that values your expertise will make the working environment a lot nicer.

With so many job opportunities available for the experienced InfoSec Professional it’s important to have a good two-way relationship.

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