Software to stop ransomware?

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Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a system to stop ransomware in its tracks. University of Florida have developed a system to stop ransomware in its tracks.


Ransomware has been the hot topic of the IT security industry for some time now: partly because of how destructive it can be and partly due to how prolific it’s been.

The key caveat with this system is that it only acts once the ransomware has started, thereby stopping it completing the encryption and only locking a few files.

Only losing a few files is far better than losing everything and this system is certainly a positive step, but there are other methods to surviving ransomware that Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, believes you should be using.

Disaster Recovery

“Any deterrent or recovery from ransomware is a fantastic idea: it’s an extremely prolific threat that can quite literally affect anyone. Therefore anything we can do to slow, or even stop it, gets all the support from me.

“However this particular method will stop ransomware after it has encrypted a few files: what happens if those “few” files are your most important?

“Don’t get me wrong I wholeheartedly welcome anything that will help potential ransomware victims but there are lots of things we can already do to protect against ransomware.

“It’s mentioned time and again but backup and disaster recovery will protect you against ransomware every time. It can be low cost, it can be easy, it’s available now and anyone can get it and use it.

Multi-layered protection is the best way to combat modern day threats. Those layers will include: internet security software, firewalls, backup software, updated hardware and operating systems, knowledge and of course common-sense.

“All these things are available to everyone reading this right now and can protect your very valuable data and priceless memories.”

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