TalkTalk and Post Office routers attacked

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TalkTalk aren’t having a great time of it: in the past year or so they’ve suffered a massive breach, their routers have been hacked and now their users are suffering outages.


Following on from our previous blog post concerning vulnerable TalkTalk routers, there is also news that both TalkTalk and the Post Offices’ customers were recently knocked offline due to an attack on their routers.

In an attack targeting certain types of Internet router the Post Office announced that it affected 100,000 of their customers, whilst TalkTalk confirmed that it affected some of theirs as well.

It hasn’t been a fantastic year or so for TalkTalk in terms of breach and incidents but Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, guides us through this latest incident.

“Router attacks or compromises could form considerable risk, for the consumer the single point of failure that has all their internet data travelling through is their router.

“Regardless of the connection internally, if the router is hijacked then in most cases the ability to filter traffic through to any website they choose is as simple as changing DNS servers. Quite simply if your router gets compromised then all traffic could in theory be tampered with.

“Ensuring your home router is on the latest version of its firmware and that the default credentials are changed as soon as possible is of utmost importance in keeping you and your data safe.

“If you find your router is too old to be updated, then ideally you should consider a newer one that is being maintained.

“The trouble is as its often an “install and forget” device gathering dust on a shelf or even in a cupboard it’s usually last on the list of devices being monitored.

“Ideally you should check all your internet enabled devices to see if they have been or could be updated and proceed with utmost urgency if found to be out of date.

“You could of course look for security software that would scan your connected devices at home and check to see if they are able to be compromised.”

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