Your device could be the key hackers need

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Who would want to hack your personal details?! It may seem menial to you, but the details on your mobile devices could contain a lot more damaging information that you think.


Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, explains the importance of keeping electronic devices up-to-date on security and Operating System (OS) updates, as well as protecting your personal details.

“The troubles with our everyday devices is that they have become a very integral part of our lives, and no matter how hard we try to protect them there is always someone, somewhere trying to hack them or take them over.

“There is a strong belief that most people have nothing of importance to hackers, but in theory all our data has a value.

“Your name, address, bank details, even contacts: that friend you grew up with may just be “Bob who throws a mean BBQ” to you, but he may be the CEO of an important telecommunications company, and your contact details for him may be exactly what a hacker requires.

“They can then use these tiny details to form a targeted phishing attack in an attempt to compromise that multimillion-pound company.

“Apple, and indeed Google, want you to have safe phones and they want you to feel safe using their latest technology, so for me when I see Apple releasing an emergency fix for a zero day they were only notified about 10 days ago that makes me feel valued as an Apple user.

“Some people may see it as just “another update”, or even as unimportant but believe me you want to install this asap, as security updates are the only way forward in keeping electronic devices safe.

“Gone are the days when a well-known company would release an update that everyone groaned and waited to see the damage it caused before installing yourself, nowadays if there is a security update or patch you NEED to treat it with urgency and get it installed now, not tomorrow.”

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