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  • Apps vs. Privacy: To Install or not to Install?

    You’ve just installed the latest social media app and it’s asking for various permissions. Do you accept? Do you read the T&C’s? Or do you just us the app and forget you ever saw them?

  • ESET Version 8 has launched!

    Version 8 of ESET’s award winning NOD32 and Smart Security launched yesterday. Here is a quick rundown of what’s new. With pictures!

  • Mac Malware Myths

    It’s a common misconception that Mac’s don’t get viruses. Further to’s article on Mac Malware, I discuss the issue with Mark James, ESET UK’s resident security specialist.

  • A Brief History of Malware

    From Pakistani Brain to Windigo, Malware has been around longer than the Internet itself. Malware is, and always has been, a rapidly evolving medium: from the simple to the downright devious, Malware...

  • Our Unhealthy Relationship with Online Services

    With the increasing number of leaks and misuses of personal data in the news, shouldn’t we be seeing more public pushback? Services being boycotted? Or services being outright taken down?

  • Kmart Breach, Free Credit Monitoring

    In an October 10th statement Kmart admitted to be working with a security firm to access a recent breach that happened in early September. Kmart responds with free credit monitoring for effected...