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  • Samsung software seems to disable Windows Update

    Reports started surfacing in the past fortnight that Samsung was disabling Windows Update, the program responsible for downloading and installing OS updates, on their machines using SW update.

  • Emergency patch issued for Flash

    Abode have released an emergency patch for Flash Player after evidence of “limited, targeted attacks”. Limited or not it’s a serious issue in such a ubiquitous product. How can individual users and...

  • Fitness Trackers: who else has your data?

    Fitness trackers and other wearable smart devices are taking the world by storm. They come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of price points but how secure are they? And how well do they handle...

  • How secret are Secret Questions and Answers?

    When creating an account for almost any online service you are prompted to enter your desired username, password and often provide an answer to a secret question; usually for use in password...

  • Thinking of using ESET Remote Administrator 6?

    If you are considering using ESET Remote Administrator, or ESET Endpoint Security for Windows or Android, then maybe this users review will convince you.

  • Should we fear a Stuxnet style attack from North Korea?

    Prof Kim Heung-Kwang, a defector from North Korea speaking to BBC Click, has warned that North Korea have the capability to destroy critical infrastructure and potentially kill in the process.