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  • UPDATE: Could you hack a car?

    Further to our blog post from last week, Mark has commented on the automotive industry and their update policies at large.

  • ESET Software and Windows 10

    Windows 10 launches tomorrow! If the extensive beta program is anything to go by then the transition should be relatively painless.

  • ICYMI: Ashley Madison and Hacked Jeeps

    Ashley Madison, infamous online dating website targeting married folks, was breached endangering the details of 37 million users. A Jeep Cherokee was hacked via the infotainment system, prompting the...

  • Could you hack a car?

    A vulnerability in the infotainment system of a Jeep Cherokee was exploited by two hackers who were able to take control of the brakes and other critical systems.

  • Ashley Madison: how could the data be used?

    Infamous infidelity dating site Ashley Madison suffered and “intrusion” as reported in a statement from Avid Life Media Inc. on Monday. Suspicions are pointing to an insider attack.

  • How secure is Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay launches today in the UK (14/07/2015) and looks like it’s really going to set the standard for digital wallets in the future. Mark James talks us through how secure it is and whether or not...