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  • Windows 10: A security update?

    Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft OS and the one set to combine all the things, is two weeks away from launching. Most feedback seems positive from the huge number of insiders but how is...

  • How secure is Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay launches today in the UK (14/07/2015) and looks like it’s really going to set the standard for digital wallets in the future. Mark James talks us through how secure it is and whether or not...

  • ICYMI: Hackers get hacked and LG vulnerabilities

    Notorious hacking team – “Hacking Team” – were hacked last week, losing a massive 400gb of data in the process and a serious security issue goes unpatched by LG.

  • Security vulnerability in LG phones

    Just over a week ago SEARCH-LAB Ltd discovered a “security issue threatening LG Smart Phone users” which could lead to a potential man-in-the-middle attack.

  • Notorious Hacking Team hacked

    Hacking Team, an Italian IT company who creates and sells surveillance tools to various bodies, have themselves been the victims of a hack; a hack which has haemorrhaged 400GB of data online.

  • Android malware radically dominant

    A new report from Pulse Secure shows that 97% of mobile malware is targeted at the Android OS. Why does Android remain so dominant? What can you and your company do to reduce the risk of infection?