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  • Ashley Madison – Whodunit?

    The fallout following the dump of data from Ashley Madison rumbles on but the questions remains: whodunit?

  • ICO issue £180k fine over unencrypted servers

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have issued a £180k fine to money lending company The Money Shop after the loss of two unencrypted servers containing customer and employee data.

  • ICYMI: 50% off Mobile Security, Ashley Madison and Plenty of Fish

    You can get 50% off ESET Mobile Security, data from the Ashley Madison breach has been released and dating website Plenty of Fish is the target of a malvertising campaign.

  • Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Malware

    Following the Ashley Madison hack and subsequent release of data another dating website, Plenty of Fish, has fallen foul of cyber crims.

  • Ashley Madison data released

    The data stolen by The Impact Team from online infidelity dating website Ashley Madison has been released online. The data includes GPS locations, sexual preferences and credit card details of...

  • ICYMI: Mac malware and Yahoo malvertising

    Last week was a week of tech giants falling foul of malware and malvertising. Apple’s OS suffered two potential exploits which could lead to high levels of system control, while Yahoo was made to...