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  • Website users at risk

    Love them or hate them the Kardashians are big business. Earlier this week it was reported that a flaw in the sister’s respective websites could expose users names and email addresses.

  • ATM Malware and Skimmers

    ATM skimming hardware has been commonplace for a long time, for the eagle eyed individual they can be fairly easy to spot. But you can’t spot something inside the machine itself.

  • Legitimate websites serving up ransomware

    Heimdal Security have found that potentially 142 million legitimate websites could be delivering ransomware due to outdated content management systems or plugins.

  • WhatsApp web users at risk

    Popular messaging service WhatsApp has played host to a rather nasty software vulnerability which could lead to users becoming the victims of ransomware, remote access tools (RATs) and other...

  • Malware

    Popular dating website has been the target of malware campaign. Specifically a ransomware campaign utilising the obfuscating nature of shortened URLs.

  • ICYMI: ICO fine and Ashley Madison suspects

    Hefty fine issued over a lack of encryption and speculation over who is really behind the Ashley Madison hack.