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  • ICYMI: iOS 9 and ATM malware

    iOS 9 released with a decent number of security improvements, including more 2FA and longer pin codes. ATM malware and skimmers are getting increasingly sophisticated.

  • Website users at risk

    Love them or hate them the Kardashians are big business. Earlier this week it was reported that a flaw in the sister’s respective websites could expose users names and email addresses.

  • ATM Malware and Skimmers

    ATM skimming hardware has been commonplace for a long time, for the eagle eyed individual they can be fairly easy to spot. But you can’t spot something inside the machine itself.

  • iOS 9 security updates and improvements

    Apple recently released the latest iteration of their mobile operating system iOS. iOS 9 offers a few interesting security upgrades, not to mention the ability to install ad-blockers.

  • ICYMI: WhatsApp and legit websites serving ransomware

    Ransomware was the word on the lips of last week. Users of WhatsApp’s web service were targeted and legitimate websites were being made to serve ransomware due to outdated features.

  • Legitimate websites serving up ransomware

    Heimdal Security have found that potentially 142 million legitimate websites could be delivering ransomware due to outdated content management systems or plugins.