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  • Spear phishing for medical details

    A hack into the World Anti-Doping Agency cause irreparable damage to professional athlete’s reputations.

  • Should training to spot malware be more common?

    Recent research from the University of Texas at Arlington suggests that business leaders and employees are over confident when it comes to spotting phishing attacks.

  • ‘Smart’ cars vulnerable to theft

    Connected cars are growing in popularity as the Internet of Things is taking the world by storm. Cars with internet access are becoming increasingly common, as most luxury cars come with some form of...

  • Who could be attacking you?

    Is it important to know who is performing a cyber-security attack? Mark James discusses the issue.

  • Netflix release security programme

    Well-known movie and media online streaming service, Netflix, has announced the release of Stethoscope, which is their first project following a User Focused Security approach.

  • iCloud hacking: are you safe?

    Celebrity iCloud hacking is becoming increasingly more prominent in the news, but even if Fame isn’t on your side, your data could still have worth to a hacker.