Corporate Blog

  • MasterCard introduces fingerprint payments

    MasterCard are rolling out fingerprint sensors for payments after successful trials in South Africa.

  • Why is IT Security so crucial in Schools?

    Teachers work hard to create a safe learning environment for our children, this needs to include protecting their digital information and digital learning environment as well.

  • Should we encrypt the Internet?

    Encryption is a way of making data private by converting or scrambling the information into code to prevent unauthorised access. With this in mind, should be encrypt everything we possibly can?

  • Data breaches in 2017

    2016 saw a huge host of data breaches and sadly, it doesn’t look like it is slowing down for 2017.

  • Ozzy ISP hit with DDoS

    Although quickly dealt with an Australian ISP was recently hit with a DDoS attack, which disrupted a large number of its customers.

  • Is Social Media an attack vector for businesses?

    Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, looks at Social Media as a potential attack vector for businesses large and small.