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  • 30 years of technological innovation

    For the past 30 years, ESET has been leading the way for IT security software by constantly innovating, growing and striving for excellence.

  • Newcastle City Council faced with data breach

    Newcastle City Council has confirmed that there has been a data breach where the details of thousands of children and their adoptive parents have been accidentally leaked by a council worker.

  • Users attempt to ‘vaccine’ against ransomware

    Research into the Cerber ransomware from a few years ago, shows that computer users were trying to make the malware’s behaviour be used against itself, to create a sort of ‘vaccine’ against being...

  • Spyware found on Google Play

    SonicSpy, a messaging app found on the Google Play store, is posing as a messaging service in order for users to download and use it to spread the hidden Spyware embedded in the app.

  • Could you spot a dodgy email?

    Fraudulent and malicious emails are on the rise, could you tell the difference between a real email and a fraudulent one?

  • Crisis management after cyber attacks

    When a company suffers a cyberattack or data breach, the way they deal with and extinguish the situation speaks volumes to their staff and customers.