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  • victim of a malvertising campaign suffered a recent malvertising campaign that redirected victims from their genuine webpage to fake tech support teams with the goal of extorting as much money as possible.

  • KRACK leaves vast majority of Wi-Fi routers vulnerable

    The encryption within WIFI routers, WPA2, which protects users’ privacy online, has been decoded by cyber criminals leaving millions of users at risk.

  • Utilities and IoT under attack

    The risk of cyber-attacks which can interrupt electricity supply to electric distribution grids is a global concern.

  • Spear-phishing with FreeMilk

    A directed spear phishing campaign was discovered in May that targeted specific individuals with carefully constructed, customised emails, dubbed FreeMilk.

  • Pornhub users targeted

    A large and extensive malvertising campaign targeted millions of Pornhub users, deceiving them into installing malware on their PCs.

  • NCSC: One year on

    After the first year in operation, the National Cyber Security Centre has had more than 1,000 incidents reported, which highlights the severe increase in cybercrime and the UK’s attempts of blocking...