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  • Are fingerprints and iris scans strong enough?

    Different types of phone locking technology is becoming more readily available, with the use of passcodes and the introduction of biometrics.

  • BUPA Breach

    BUPA customers are taking to Twitter to express concerns regarding a recent email informing them about a breach to their personal information and health insurance policy.

  • Ransomware 101

    Ransomware, it is everywhere and everybody is a target. ESET IT Security Specialist, Mark James, explains how we can stay safe.

  • The NCSC implements new cyber defence programmes

    The National Cyber Security Centre has announced that they will be implementing four Active Cyber Defence programmes that are aiming to help to improve basic cyber security across UK businesses and...

  • WWE fans details stolen

    A huge WWE user leak has exposed personal information belonging to 3 million wrestling fans.

  • University hit with ransomware

    Major university in London faced with widespread ransomware attack, which damaged files on the computers and shared drives.