Press Releases

  • Microsoft issues emergency patch

    Microsoft released an emergency patch update to include fixes for the older versions of Windows and Windows Server dating back to 2001 releases, like XP.

  • Nigerian Phishing attack on companies

    Nigerian Phishing scammers are targeting industrial companies worldwide, with well composed emails and messages which contain malicious content.

  • E-cigarettes used to hack computers

    B-Sides, London’s recent cyber security conference, highlighted new research and innovation in cyber security and hacking. One interesting presentation by researcher Ross Bevington, showed how an...

  • Cyber criminals targeting corporations

    The past few years has seen some crippling cyber hacks to large corporations and companies, including Tesco Bank, Yahoo!, the NHS, and websites like

  • Cybersecurity in the boardroom

    Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly more common and in the public eye, especially targeting companies and organisations to get the greatest impact and possible reward.

  • State of Software Security

    New software security report released, looking at XXS vulnerabilities and SQL injections.