Press Releases

  • Data breaches in 2017

    2016 saw a huge host of data breaches and sadly, it doesn’t look like it is slowing down for 2017.

  • Ozzy ISP hit with DDoS

    Although quickly dealt with an Australian ISP was recently hit with a DDoS attack, which disrupted a large number of its customers.

  • Is Social Media an attack vector for businesses?

    Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, looks at Social Media as a potential attack vector for businesses large and small.

  • Samsung smart devices vulnerable

    According to research from Kaspersky Lab, Samsung’s custom OS Tizen could have as many as 40 new vulnerabilities.

  • Next Gen: Buzzword or reality?

    Recently you may have heard AV companies throwing around the term “Next Gen” and stating they are the Next Generation of AV. But what does “Next Gen” really mean?

  • Hackers vs. Retail

    Targeted attacks on big retailers are becoming all too common, but what can be done about it?