Data Protection for
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Concise, relevant and engaging data privacy guidelines for your business, developed by our security experts.

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Without data protection measures in place, a data breach can have serious consequences. What can you do to ensure your business doesn’t fall prey to cybercriminals?

ESET security experts have developed a series of concise and engaging eBooks, with everything you need to know about data protection for your business. Simply fill in the form to access your free eBooks.

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In this e-book brought to you by the ESET experts you’ll learn to:

  • Choose exactly the data security measures your company needs
  • Comply with latest data regulations (without tearing your hair out)
  • Make your company a non-target for cybercriminals
  • Minimize effects of any data breach or loss

Take a peek inside:

  • Starting out with data protection – first steps
  • Assessing data security risks – here’s how
  • So many data protection tech choices – what works for you
  • Turning chaos into organization – best practice
  • Combining it all – the keys to effective data protection

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