The GDPR Compliance Bundle - from ESET

  • Endpoint Security

  • Encryption

  • Authentication

GDPR is now fully in force. Don't fall afoul of the new regulation, get several steps closer to achieving compliance and save with our GDPR compliance bundle.

At ESET, we are offering a saving of up to 20% with our simple GDPR Compliance Bundle, which covers three important aspects of GDPR: ESET Protection Advanced for endpoint security, Endpoint Encryption for data security and Secure Authentication for access management.

This is a limited time offer and not available online.

Call and speak to our highly qualified team to take advantage of this offer and get yourself several steps closer to GDPR compliance.

On May 25th the General Data Protection Regulation will came into full force, meaning that:

  • Fines will now be capped at €20 million or 4% of global turnover for the previous financial year - whichever is greater
  • Every company in the UK, no matter what size, needs to be aware and achieve compliance
  • The users/customers you hold data on will have much stronger rights to have that data deleted
  • Any personal data you process will need to be done so in a secure manner, encryption is one such manner

For a full guide on what GDPR could mean for you and your company, please refer to our GDPR Guide.

 Data Encryption dark grey icon

Endpoint Encryption

Encrypting the personal data in your systems can help satisfy many requirements of the GDPR. ESET’s solution is powerful, simple to deploy, and can safely encrypt hard drives, removable media, files and email.

ESET Endpoint Encryption allows you to meet data security obligations by easily enforcing encryption policies while keeping productivity high. With low help-desk overhead and short deployment cycles, no other product can match ESET Endpoint Encryption for flexibility and ease of use.

Products Included

 Two-Factor Authentication dark grey icon

Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication helps businesses to make access to their data secure. Any organisation can set up ESET’s Multi-factor authentication in just 10 minutes – and thus easily reduce the risk of data breaches, caused by stolen, weak or compromised passwords.

ESET’s Multi-factor product provides powerful authentication to make remote access to the company network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.

 Endpoint Antivirus dark grey icon

Endpoint Antivirus

Provides robust Antivirus and Antispyware protection, whether your endpoints run Windows or macOS. Our award-winning Anti-Phishing engine protects sensitive company information, such as usernames and passwords, against fake websites. The other advanced technologies inside include Cloud-Powered Scanning, Device Control, and more.

 Endpoint Security dark grey icon

Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security delivers all the benefits of ESET Endpoint Antivirus, plus Two-Way Firewall, Web Control, Botnet Protection, and more. With this solution you have the option of installing either ESET Endpoint Security or ESET Endpoint Antivirus on individual endpoints, whether they run Windows or macOS, as you choose.

 Mobile Security dark grey icon

Mobile Security

ESET NOD32® proactive technology, which is optimized for mobile platforms, delivers real-time protection to shield all your applications and files on Android devices, and includes Anti-Phishing and Application Control. For iOS devices, you can remotely push settings and restrictions to boost the security of your iOS mobile fleet. Anti-Theft lets you remotely lock/unlock, or wipe all data, from both Android and iOS devices.

 Virtualization dark grey icon

Virtualization Security

Whether you use VMware or another virtualization solution, you can rely on ESET protection to keep your VMs secure. With ESET Shared Local Cache and the protection of an agent-based ESET security product, you get significantly boosted scanning speed.

 File Security dark grey icon

File Security

Antivirus and Antispyware protection eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Advanced Memory Scanner monitors the behavior of malicious processes, while optional cloud-powered scanning ensures even better performance and detection.

 Remote Management dark grey icon

Remote Management

Whether you are running Windows, Mac, or Linux endpoints, or even virtual machines and smartphones, you can manage company security from one point. Install security software remotely and get at-a-glance network security overviews.