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With ESET, you get MORE protection from an established leader in cybersecurity. ESET’s security solutions provide “next gen” multi-layered protection offering advanced and more effective security.

Making security claims is one thing. Consistently developing proactive, multi-layered endpoint security technologies for a quarter-century – as ESET has done – is another.

Our endpoint security technology is proprietary, and it has consistently set the industry standard. For example, we launched the movement to drop solely signature-based security and focus in behavioural analysis, and we introduced cloud-based malware detection more than 10 years ago.

ESET is the fastest growing of the global top 5 endpoint security vendors, driven by businesses all around the world that are switching from outdated antivirus software to powerful endpoint security protection.

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ESET’s Multi-Layered Approach to Security

The fight against modern malware, which is dynamic and often targeted, requires a multi-layered approach. The more multi-layered your security, the fewer incidents you’ll need to resolve. ESET began incorporating proactive and smart technology into its scanning engine more than 20 years ago, and — thanks to the efforts of our global research labs — continues to add extra layers of protection.

The figure below shows various core ESET technologies and an approximation of when and how they can detect and/or block a threat during its lifecycle in the system:

Learn more about ESET’s multi-layered technology, download the document

Enjoy MORE peace of mind when you’re secured by ESET

We know that for you, security isn’t an end in itself. Security is about making sure your IT creates business opportunities – and not problems. Thanks to our technology, and the user-friendly interface shared by all ESET Security Solutions, you and your admins will have more time and less stress.

ESET allows you to do MORE of what you want (and less of what you don’t)

ESET Security Solutions systems’ light footprint lets you wring more performance out of your existing systems instead of forcing you to spend more to keep them running smoothly. ESET Security Solutions are recognised by our customers as the least intrusive and disruptive of all the security solutions on the market. For example, in independent tests, ESET Security Solutions regularly return the lowest false positives rate in the market.

ESET enables you to do MORE in multi-platform environments

ESET Security Solutions protect all of the most-used operating systems with the same level of functionality, leaving no potential entry point to your network unprotected. ESET’s powerful security management console gives your admins real-time information on the security state of your network, servers, endpoints and mobile devices.