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  • Data Privacy Day: Digital Health Revolution

    ESET Security Researcher Stephen Cobb is representing ESET in a panel entitled “Health Privacy in a Fully Connected World” at the Healthcare Data Privacy Day event Academy of Medicine at Georgia...

  • ESET reviews the Blackhat movie

    Cyber-crime inspired blockbusters are always in the spotlight of security researchers around the world. The same happened with the Blackhat movie entering cinemas in January 2015.

  • CTB-Locker: Ransomware striking in Europe and Latin America

    ESET researchers have spotted a new variant of ransomware - CTB-Locker spreading in Europe and Latin America over the past two days. It encrypts user’s files and requests ransom in Bitcoins.

  • Deter Cybercrime by these 6 steps

    ESET‘s security expert Stephen Cobb has prepared summary of the most important steps to deterring cybercrime on, focusing on how to make cybercrime less appealing to perpetrators.

  • Internet Explorer was the most exploited Microsoft Windows component in 2014

    ESET researchers have published a report on major trends in Windows exploitation and mitigation in 2014 on its security news page

  • First Shape-Shifting Ransomware Now Analyzed by ESET

    ESET researcher Robert Lipovsky have analyzed first shape-shifting ransomware detected by ESET’s telemetry as Win32/VirLock. ESET is offering a standalone clearner to restore VirLock-infected files....