Enhancing Ransomware Protection with the Intel vPro® Platform

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Ransomware is one of the most serious cyberthreats small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face.i Attackers are adopting more sophisticated obfuscation techniques like cloaking malware within virtual machines (VMs). And ransomware is costly. Of SMBs experiencing ransomware attacks in the past year, 44 percent of those surveyed paid between $250,000 and $500,000.ii 

Why are SMBs disproportionately attacked? Often, SMBs have a shortage of personnel to deal with cyber-risks. They might have limited budgets. And some lack an understanding of the best ways to protect against cyberattacks.1 

SMBs serious about preventing ransomware can start with the basics. They should back up data regularly and keep at least one full backup offline. And they should keep software, including operating systems, patched and up to date. But to truly prevent and remove ransomware, a multilayered solution like the one available from ESET, a leading provider of endpoint security, is an efficient option. 

With bad actors using increasingly aggressive methods, organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to boost their security beyond software detections. In response to increasing threats, and to better support SMBs, ESET has enhanced its software-based detection technologies with hardware-based threat detection from Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT), a suite of technologies that is available within the Intel vPro® platform. Intel TDT adds a hardware-assisted detection layer so that SMBs who use ESET Endpoint Security with the Intel vPro® platform enjoy superior ransomware protection. 


How does this work? Figure 1 outlines how ESET Endpoint Security software and Intel TDT can help keep SMBs safe. When malware leaves a footprint on the CPU system on chip (SoC), the Intel performance monitoring unit (PMU) notifies the ESET platform. ESET processes this information and takes steps to remediate the threat. 

Figure 1. ESET integrated Intel TDT into the ESET endpoint protection platform 

Because ESET software can now tap into telemetry at the CPU level, it is better able to track malicious encryption. As ransomware attempts to avoid detection, ESET Endpoint Security is better able to expose it. ESET’s endpoint protection solution is also empowered to detect new variants of ransomware threats with help from Intel TDT machine learning (ML), which constantly evolves its monitoring capabilities. 

Intel TDT can offload processing demands when an Intel integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) is available within the Intel vPro® platform. This allows ESET Endpoint Security to stay lightweight, which can help maintain performance—a huge benefit for end users. 

With ESET’s global footprint, SMBs using the Intel vPro® platform around the world benefit from enhanced ransomware protection. SMBs can reduce risks to their businesses. IT teams can expand visibility into ransomware evasion techniques. And end users can enjoy better performance. 

To find out how you can keep data safer with Intel and ESET visit: https://www.eset.com/us/eset-and-intel-keep-smbs-safe/.