Download ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows on ARM beta

Beta products are to be used at your own risk. While we encourage you to visit the ESET Support Forums to share your questions and observations, standard support policies do not apply to Beta products.

Only available to download on desktop devices.

Filename: eea_arm64.msi | File size: 146 MB | Version: 8.1.2020.1

Technical specification
Supported operating systems
Microsoft® Windows® 10 on ARM

Not currently supported:
  • Creation of All-in-one installer, including AV Remover
  • Module update Client task from ESET PROTECT
  • Enterprise Inspector integration (agent for ARM platform not available yet)
  • Exploit blocker
  • Deep Behavioral Inspection
  • Email client integration

For implementation in managed environments, please consult this KnowledgeBase article:


Online user guide

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows on ARM beta