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ESET Security Supports Your Compliance Efforts

Compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS and GLBA are part of doing business, but they are not why you’re in business. Work with ESET and one of our reseller partners for an easy-to-manage, easy-to-implement security solution that handles the compliance issues, maximizes uptime to keep your business running and frees your time to focus on better serving your customers.

A multifaceted approach to security protects both your customers’ personal data and the reputation of your business. It guards against unauthorized access, secures private data and prevents intrusions and breaches that can lead to costly downtime. By maximizing your uptime, ESET lets you focus on what matters—your customers.

NEW! ESET Discovers Hesperbot
Banking Trojan targeting online banking users employs very credible-looking phishing campaigns to lure victims into running the malware.

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Protect Your Home Devices

ESET Finance Security Handles Key Compliance Issues

Antimalware / Heuristics
Protect your systems and minimally impact your users with ESET’s fast, light-footprint NOD32® protection against viruses and malware.

Device Control
Protect against malware introduced by removable media and storage devices and block them to minimize exposure to data leaks.

Web Filtering
Prevent users from visiting compromised websites that can bring malware into your network. Enforce your Internet use policy to maximize worker productivity, protect company reputation and minimize liabilities.

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Email Security
Keep your email server free of malware, spam and spear phishing attacks that lead to data breaches.

Two-Factor Authentication
Safeguard against unauthorized access to customer information due to compromised user passwords.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Validated Encryption through ESET Technology Alliance partner DESlock+ makes confidential data stored on removable drives, laptop hard drives or transmitted in email messages unreadable to unauthorized parties.
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Financial Services Cybersecurity

Learn about the stakes and risks in finance IT.

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Professional Services Ensure Ongoing Compliance

ESET and its local partners stand ready to support your continuing compliance efforts. These services can include:

  • Cyber threat assessments to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your environment
  • IT/Internet use policy review and recommendations to mitigate current and future risks, including those related to data breaches
  • Implementation and support services, from installation and customization, to training and technical support, conducted on-site or remotely



Case Studies


Golden Tree Asset Management

“We deal with a wide variety of malware every day and monitor how well the AV vendors react to new threats. It was my opinion that empirically speaking, ESET’s detection methodology is superior to the competition.”
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Regents Bank

“I’ve received positive comments about ESET’s very comprehensive feature set. For instance, it allows blocking of certain websites and has minimal drag on the computer’s use during a full scan."
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Chicopee Savings Bank

“The first noticeable improvement was lower CPU utilization on desktops, even during scanning. In addition, deployment, definition updates and scanning are transparent to the end users."
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Data Privacy After Snowden and Target

By Stephen Cobb
One in five people recently surveyed said they were banking less online after the Edward Snowden reports on government surveillance. This change is a concern for credit unions—but also a great opportunity to tell your customers how you protect their privacy.


Hesperbot: A New, Advanced Banking Trojan in the Wild

A new and effective banking Trojan has been discovered targeting online banking users in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Portugal and the United Kingdom. It uses very credible-looking phishing campaigns, related to trustworthy organizations, to lure victims into running the malware.



Keeping Secrets—Good Password Practice

By David Harley
Unsecure passwording, whether as a result of bad systems practice or bad user practice, may endanger your data. Learn good password practice to help mitigate the risk of data breach.

Why Last Year's Security Strategy Can't Protect You Today

By ESET Researchers
If you deployed your security solution even just last year, you may not be protected from some of today's most common malware. Learn seven new trends you should watch out for.


Online Shopping and a Phishing Pheeding Phrenzy

By David Harley
Phishing scams old and new, and some ways to help recognize the baited hook before you bite off more than you can chew.







Solutions Overview

Security Solutions for Finance

Find out how ESET solutions handle your security concerns and keep your organization up and running.








Why is Two-factor Authentication Important for SMB?
Recorded on Mar 06, 2013 (41min 27sec)
Cameron Camp, Security Researcher, ESET North America
ESET discusses why your company needs two-factor authentication and the best practices for installation and use.
5 Reasons Why a 2009 Antivirus Solution Doesn't Protect you From 2013 Threats
Recorded on Jan 16, 2013 (56min 58sec)
Cameron Camp, Security Researcher at ESET
Changes in the threat landscape with a focus on how virus and malware threats have changed and how this impacts the AV tools for your business.





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