Data Leak Prevention: Protecting Your Most Important Asset

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As the epidemic of data breaches continues, Data Leak Prevention (also known as Data Loss Prevention, or DLP) has gained prominence as a vital element in IT security. According to an Ernst & Young survey, 56 percent of respondents defined data loss prevention as a high priority for their organization over the next 12 months.1

DLP is primarily used to ensure that end users don’t share critical or sensitive information outside the corporate network, either by accident (for example, losing a laptop) or intentionally.  It also needs to manage all of the ways that data can be lost including email, cloud sync programs, chat programs, social media and many more.

On Wednesday, July 26, join this webinar with experts from Safetica security software, a full DLP solution that is part of the ESET Technology Alliance. You’ll learn about DLP as well as Safetica’s complete capabilities, including:

  • What is DLP and why it is not just for regulatory compliance
  • How DLP can protect sensitive data in your organization
  • What is Safetica, why it is unique and how it can help with GDPR compliance
  • How Safetica can do more than just prevent data leaks

A brief Q&A will be included.

1Ernst & Young‘s Global Information Security Survey 2015