IT Security Orchestration: The Power of Automation

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Presenters: Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst for Forrester Research and Ben Reed, Sr. Technical Content Strategist

Recorded Live on March 22, 2017

Duration: 30 minutes, 15 minutes Q&A

As cyberthreats proliferate and become increasingly sophisticated, effective incident response has become a serious challenge.

Automating IT security tasks such as information sharing, workflow and remediation is the only practical means for organizations seeking to mitigate these attacks. But how?

Join guest speaker Chris Sherman, a senior analyst with Forrester Research, for a deep dive on IT security orchestration and automation. During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The types of cyberattacks on the rise, including zero-day malware
  • Why point product technologies are no longer adequate for protection
  • How to understand and apply the Targeted Attack Hierarchy of Needs
  • How to achieve a balance of prevention, detection and remediation


Having an integrated security portfolio is vital in today’s threat landscape, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from an industry expert.