White Papers

  • Lojax

    First UEFI rootkit found in the wild, courtesy of the Sednit group

  • Is the AI Hype Putting Businesses at Risk?

    While Machine Learning has proven to be a powerful tool in detecting malware for many years, the reality is that true Artificial Intelligence does not yet exist.

  • Protecting Enterprise

    An examination of bugs, major vulnerabilities and exploits

  • IoT and privacy by design in the smart home

    Each “thing” in the term “Internet of Things” refers to a device, and there are many types of connectable device. The smart home for most of us will be a small foray into the world of IoT, with a...

  • Cybersecurity trends 2018: The cost of our connected world

    ESET security experts present the areas that they expect to be leading security priorities

    in the upcoming year and suggest ways to mitigate the possible risk that they pose.

  • Is machine learning cybersecurity's silver bullet?

    At a point in history where information is more accessible than ever before and facts can be easily checked, it’s ironic that misinformation is proliferating. At a time when information is more...