ESET Security Sales Toolkit

Use this toolkit to learn how to sell ESET security products and why customers need them.

More Margin with ESET!

  • 20 points standard margin
  • Additional 20 points for Deal Registration = 40% total!

Deal Registration

  • As soon as the Deal is Registered, ALL other resellers margin drops to 10%, giving Insight 30% truly protected margin!

Renewal Incumbency

  • Insight will have 20% on all renewals. Competitive reseller margins will drop to 10%, giving Insight 10% truly protected margin!

Sharpen Your Sales Skills with ESET

View the 60 Seconds of Security with ESET Videos

Learn how to open up a conversation with your customer and the key questions to ask.

Part 1: Help Your Customers Defend Against Cyber-Attacks:

Part 2: ESET PROTECT and Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

Part 3: Cloud Sand Boxing and Ransomware Attacks:

Questions? Contact your ESET Rep:

Rok Nicaj
Partner Account Manager, ESET NA
(480) 363-6919