Endpoint Antivirus for MacOS

ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Mac

Light-footprint security against spyware, viruses and cross-platform infections.

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Keep Macs running seamlessly while protecting multiple platforms

Enjoy quick start-up and smooth, uninterrupted performance with a solution optimized for Macs running macOS. Secure your Mac machines and users against cyber threats with protection that also covers Windows® and Linux™ and prevents malware transmission between platforms. Scan files on removable media to keep them from transmitting malware, or set up your configuration to block removable media entirely to reduce risk of data leakage. Easily manage everything from a single console with intuitive ESET Remote Administrator.


Advanced threat protection you can customize

Antivirus and antispyware proactively detect and remove malware, viruses, Trojans and spyware.

Antimalware protection
Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Detects Mac OS threats and vice versa to secure for multi-platform environments.

Surf, shop and socialize knowing your personal data is secure.

Device Control
Ensure no unauthorized offline media are used within your network. Blocks unauthorized devices, or allows different access levels.

Removable media

Removable media control
Promotes safer data sharing and collaboration by scanning removable devices; reduces risk of unauthorized data removal with option to block all removable devices.

Guards against phishing attempts to steal your banking and credit info.

Guards against attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other info by fake websites posing as legitimate ones.

Advanced archive scanning
Scans into multiple layers of compressed files to ferret out malicious software; lets you customize settings for search depth, file size, archive size and timeout.

Remote management

Manage multiple endpoints from a single location with Remote Administrator

Remote administrator icon

Remote installation and updates
Easily install remotely and set up automatic signature and scanning engine updates.

Policy management

Comprehensive policy management
Use the intuitive Policy Manager to easily customize rules or save time by using default policies.

Client management icon

Advanced client management
Create and organize static and dynamic client groups with different parameters for populating the groups, and remediate security problems more quickly.

Delayed update

Update rollback
Roll back virus signature and module updates and freeze updates as desired; address incompatibilities or other system disruptions.

Boost computer performance without any slowdown

Low management overhead
Roll out, update and manage all endpoints from a single console to reduce IT workload.

Enhanced incindent monitoring icon

Review security status
Monitor incidents such as client status, virus outbreaks or network attacks; review new client events, finished tasks, license expiration and more.

Logs and statistics icon

Reporting and Logs
Review comprehensive statistics, including malware logs, quarantine, or firewall events. Extract additional info via the integrated ESET SysInspector tool. Export to Syslog for SIEM analysis.

Delayed updates icon

Delayed updates
Schedule delayed virus signature and module updates to ensure optimal implementation within your environment.


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Note: Not compatible with previous versions of ESET Remote Administrator

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