Comprehensive security for enterprise business

ESET Endpoint Secure Enterprise

Maximum-protection bundle for multiple endpoints, mail servers and gateways.

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ESET Secure Enterprise for Business

End-to-end protection for nonstop peace of mind

Choose this option to defend your entire network if your business has its own Internet gateway server. This comprehensive package adds gateway defense to safeguard your HTTP/FTP communications and block malware at your network perimeter. Provides real-time, on-access scanning of HTTP and FTP protocols and scans large files without delay for a consistent level of network security. Protects your endpoints across all platforms, blocks email threats, protects your mobile workforce, and includes convenient single console management to free up IT for other tasks.

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What's included

The all-in-one security package for enterprise business

ESEt Endpoint Antivirus

Endpoint antivirus
The robust NOD32® scanning engine provides proactive detection and elimination of known and emerging viruses and other malware.  

ESET Endpoint Security

Endpoint security
Enforces multilayer security at company endpoints through antimalware, personal firewall, content filtering (to protect against Internet-borne threats), device control (for removable media) and other advanced security features.

ESET Mobile Security

Mobile security
ESET NOD32® proactive technology, which is optimized for mobile platforms, delivers real-time protection to shield all your applications and files on Android devices, and includes Anti-Phishing and Application Control. For iOS devices, you can remotely push settings and restrictions to boost the security of your iOS mobile fleet.  Anti-Theft lets you remotely lock/unlock, or wipe all data, from both Android and iOS devices.

ESET Gateway Security

Gateway security
Protects HTTP and FTP gateways against known and emerging viruses, worms, spam, and other Internet threats. With their small system footprint, ESET® Gateway Security solutions are suitable for systems handling large amounts of data on a daily basis.

ESET File Security

File security
Maintains continual security for business-critical documents stored on fileservers. Our minimal system-impact, award-winning antivirus and antispyware protection is optimized for the server environment.

ESET Mail Security

Mail security
Applies proven NOD32® scanning engine  to the mail server to filter spam, malware andphishing scams before they reach your inboxes. This extra line of defense stops email-borne threats before they penetrate your network and reduces unwanted messages that drain productivity.

Virtualization Security
ESET Virtualization Security provides protection for VMware vSphere environments, supporting agentless Windows-based virtual machines. Experience low system demands and high speed with ESET’s scanning engine, leaving more resources for other applications and processes. 

ESET Remote Administrator

Remote administrator
Manage company security from one point, across all of your Windows®, Mac® and Linux™ endpoints—using a single remote console.

Remote management

Manage multiple endpoints from a single location with Remote Administrator

Remote administrator icon

Remote installation and updates
Easily install remotely and set up automatic signature and scanning engine updates.

Policy management

Comprehensive policy management
Use the intuitive Policy Manager to easily customize rules or save time by using default policies.

Client management icon

Advanced client management
Create and organize static and dynamic client groups with different parameters for populating the groups, and remediate security problems more quickly.

Delayed update

Update rollback
Roll back virus signature and module updates and freeze updates as desired; address incompatibilities or other system disruptions.

Boost computer performance without any slowdown

Low management overhead
Roll out, update and manage all endpoints from a single console to reduce IT workload.

Enhanced incindent monitoring icon

Review security status
Monitor incidents such as client status, virus outbreaks or network attacks; review new client events, finished tasks, license expiration and more.

Logs and statistics icon

Reporting and Logs
Review comprehensive statistics, including malware logs, quarantine, or firewall events. Extract additional info via the integrated ESET SysInspector tool. Export to Syslog for SIEM analysis.

Delayed updates icon

Delayed updates
Schedule delayed virus signature and module updates to ensure optimal implementation within your environment.

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ESET Endpoint Protection Standard for Business

  • Remote management
  • Endpoint antivirus
  • Mobile security
  • File security
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ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced for Business

  • Remote management
  • Endpoint antivirus
  • Mobile security
  • File security
  • Endpoint security
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ESET Secure Business

  • Remote management
  • Endpoint antivirus
  • Mobile security
  • File security
  • Endpoint security
  • Mail security
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ESET Secure Enterprise for Business

  • Remote management
  • Endpoint antivirus
  • Mobile security
  • File security
  • Endpoint security
  • Mail security
  • Gateway security
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  • Works quietly behind the scenes

    "I use ESET Antivirus on my PC and Mac at home, work and traveling. It works quietly behind the scenes."

    Deborah G.M.
  • ESET: well-priced and effective

    "I’m in IT, as a support consultant. ESET products are well priced, well supported and besides using a fraction of system resources compared to other brands, they are effective."

    Dean S.
  • Simple, with great support and training

    "Remote Administrator Console made installing ESET simple. This, combined with expert support and training, makes ESET our chosen supplier for protecting our customers."

    Gareth L.