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IT or security administrator

IT administrator

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How many devices are you looking to protect?

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1 - 10
1 - 10 seats
11 - 100
11 - 100 seats
101 - 999
101 - 999 seats
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How do you plan to manage your endpoints?

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Install and manage endpoints individually

Manually install ESET on each computer/device without a real-time security dashboard.

Individual deployment

Centrally manage and install via a console

Manage the security of your endpoints from the cloud or via on-premise console.

Central management


What are your company’s biggest security concerns? You can choose more options.

It is most important that ESET can help protect us against:


Viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs, spyware and others.

Protection against malware


Threat of extortion, blocking the screen or encrypts your data.

Protection against ransomware

Data breaches

Potential theft of your business data and confidential information.

Data breaches
Prevent data breaches

Phishing / Spam

Social engineering attacks for requesting sensitive information.

Phishing / Spam
Spam and phishing protection

Unauthorized access

Infiltration to your business networks for stealing personal identities.

Unauthorized access
Prevent unauthorized access


Are you interested in educating your employees on the dangers of phishing and social engineering or the importance of safe passwords and web protection?


Cybersecurity training - yes


Cybersecurity training - no


Based on your answers, here is what we recommend for your business

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Recommended for you

ESET Smart Security Premium

Ultimate cyber security for your online safety. Built without compromise for users who want it all, including extra theft protection and easy password management.

  • Blocks against ransomware attacks and hackers
  • Enables you to shop and bank online securely
  • Protects your PCs, Macs and Android devices
  • Encrypts your files and safely stores your passwords
  • Easy installation and setup - set and forget!

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Recommended bundle for you

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud

Multilayered technology, machine learning and human expertise combined with automated security management

  • Provides multiple layers of protection, including web filter, firewall, and botnet defense
  • Protects your PCs, Macs and Android devices
  • Protection against data theft
  • Secures file servers and virtual machines
  • Includes central management See demo

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Recommended bundle for you

ESET Remote Workforce Offer

Improved ransomware and zero-day attacks protection managed from a cloud-based console, combined with a powerful solution protecting business data.

  • Cloud management See demo
  • Machine learning and deep behavioral inspection
  • Improved ransomware protection
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Cloud Sandbox Analysis

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Recommended bundle for you

ESET Protect Complete

Description of ESET Protect Complete bundle.

  • Central management See demo
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection against data theft
  • Spam and phising protection
  • This is example for missing feature

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Recommended for you

ESET Cloud Office Security

Provides advanced preventive protection for Microsoft 365 applications against malware, spam and phishing attacks via an easy-to-use cloud management console

  • Cloud-based console See demo
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-malware

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Recommended for you

ESET Secure Authentication

A simple, effective way for businesses of all sizes to implement multi-factor authentication across commonly utilized systems

  • Only 10 minutes to set up and configure
  • Authenticate with a single tap, with no need to retype the one-time password
  • Works with iOS and Android phones
  • No need for special tokens or devices (we also support hardware keys, which are optional)

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Recommended for you

ESET Endpoint Encryption

Easy to use encryption application provides full remote control of endpoint encryption keys and security policy for files on hard drives, portable devices and emails

  • Zero data breaches
  • Zero impact on productivity
  • Compliance with requirements
  • Fast and seamless deployment
  • Manage devices anywhere

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Cybersecurity training

ESET´s online training program includes interactive learning and certification.
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