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What is malware?

Malware comes in a wide variety of forms, including viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs, spyware, ransomware and botnet software—all of which can compromise your computer and data.

Visiting infected websites, opening infected email attachments, and inserting removable drives are a few of the common ways that malware spreads. Malware developers often use "social engineering" to trick users into infecting their own computers. For example, users can be fooled by phishing schemes that deliver infected attachments or lead to fake websites designed to look legitimate.

Results of successful malware attacks can range from shutting down your computer to accessing passwords and account information in an attempt to steal your identity.

Why you need antimalware software

Because malware distributors are always changing their methods, effective antimalware software uses multiple detection methods. These include detections of known malware, methods that detect suspicious behavior either by inspecting the malware code or allowing it to run in a protected manner, and reputation-based systems with information about current malware "in the wild."

That’s why computers, as well as devices like tablets and smartphones, need antimalware software which is also updated regularly to combat the latest threats.

Learn how to identify common cyber threats

How ESET antimalware technology works

Finds latest threats

Regular updates run automatically and the ESET LiveGrid® provides updated information about emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Detect zero-day or never before seen threats

ESET's heuristics and behavioral analysis allow us to detect never before seen or zero-day threats by keying in on the malware’s DNA, not simply a hash or indicator of compromise.

Automatic alerts

Whenever the antimalware engine spots suspicious activity, it issues an alert. Most malware is disabled and removed automatically with no action necessary.

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