Data Privacy Day: Digital Health Revolution

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ESET Security Researcher Stephen Cobb is representing ESET in a panel entitled “Health Privacy in a Fully Connected World” at the Healthcare Data Privacy Day event Academy of Medicine at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta today. Hosted by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), the Healthcare Data Privacy Day event will explore the future of healthcare privacy and the trajectory of pioneering technologies that are changing the industry.

“Medical identity theft is already a multi-billion problem in America alone, and can itself be life threatening,” said Stephen Cobb, ESET Security Researcher. “Networked mobile devices offer great potential for wellness and tele-medicine, and may be even be life-saving, but the technical and human challenges of protecting the privacy and security of the data and systems involved is huge.” 

For more information about ESET’s perspective on this important issue, read Cobb‘s article on
Raphael Labaca Castro
Editor in Chief, We Live Security