ESET Highlights Its Technology, EU Regulation and Cyber Threats @ London Gartner Summit

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ESET®, the pioneer of proactive protection and leading European-based IT security company, is participating at the Gartner Security & Risk Management summit in London, UK, this September. With top ESET business and technology leaders present, the company will showcase its latest technology for business, address the latest cyber threats such as the rapid rise of ransomware and discuss industry-related policy issues – specifically data privacy regulations and encryption in the European Union.

The Gartner Summit will take place in London, September 12 – 13, 2016 at the O2 London InterContinental Hotel; media representatives are advised to contact the European Media relations office at Gartner. ESET extends its invitation to the press and all other attendees to join our leaders and presentations at the ESET booth, please contact us through our dedicated landing page, contacting local ESET PR representative or via ESET EMEA PR.

One of the hot topics to be highlighted is the rapid growth of encrypting ransomware that ESET is addressing with both its detection resources and extensive research. “A real nuisance these days is ransomware, mainly because its symptoms are so visible and the impact very direct. Many users don’t protect themselves properly and don’t pay enough attention to responsible online behavior,” says ESET Chief Research Officer Juraj Malcho who will be joining the London summit.

The other highlight topping the agenda will be data privacy regulation in the EU. “Data Protection is a key element of EU regulations which makes it mandatory for businesses to adequately protect personal data. ESET products and technology are well-equipped to address core aspects of regulation - in particular technical measures that ensure security, integrity and confidentiality of personal data through our encryption, authentication and endpoint security products,says Palo Balaj, Head of ESET EMEA Business Development.

You can read more about these EU regulations and ESET technology such as DESlock in a special white paper. Summit attendees can also book meetings with ESET and meet both Palo Balaj and Juraj Malcho.