ESET helps MSPs support their clients with new ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management functionality

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The timely patching of applications and operating systems remains a critical activity to help prevent potentially crippling security breaches. Yet with the increasing prevalence of hybrid work and the growing adoption of cloud services, overloaded IT teams are often struggling to keep up.

Because of this, businesses are increasingly turning to MSPs for help for a good reason. MSPs can help them reduce risk whilst building a stronger security posture through implementing best practices such as automation, triaging critical alerts, scheduling auto-deployments, testing patches, and mitigating user delays. So, what are some other solutions that MSPs can offer?

Gain full visibility

MSPs simply cannot protect what they cannot see. Therefore, they must gain full visibility of the security and health of their clients. With the ESET PROTECT Cloud console, MSPs can enjoy a complete overview of all their clients from a single pane of glass. This means no more portal fatigue. Through a unified view, MSPs get full 360-degree visibility of endpoints, licenses, vulnerability, and patching statuses across the businesses they are responsible for. The ESET PROTECT Cloud console also provides multiple language support and only has light resource demands.

The information provided within the console is always up to date and is available 24/7. This provides real-time status of a client’s security posture. MSPs can connect anytime, anywhere from their favorite web browser, allowing them to respond instantly to client queries, day or night. They can also use the console to create client reports highlighting the effectiveness and progress of the vulnerability and patch management policies employed.

Vulnerability management

With the new ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management functionality now available in ESET PROTECT Cloud, MSPs can centralize and automate multiple IT security and management tasks. Through it, they can maintain an up-to-date inventory of their clients and close any infrastructure blind spots that might have existed previously.

ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management scans thousands of popular applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox, and Zoom Client, for over 35,000 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). Vulnerabilities can then be filtered and prioritized based on exposure score and severity. In addition, MSPs can run vulnerability reports highlighting the most vulnerable software and devices, the number of affected devices, and which users show the highest behavioral risk.

Time is of the essence

Of course, it is not just a case of what, but also of when. Time is often of the essence when keeping out the bad guys. Therefore, the timely patching of any holes in your clients’ systems is imperative. ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management enables immediate, automatic updates and patching through its customized settings. It also enables MSPs to patch manually if they prefer. It simplifies the patching process by prioritizing critical assets and scheduling the remainder to off-peak times to avoid interruption.

As the threat landscape evolves, we evolve too. The ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management inventory is constantly updated with the patch name, version of the app, CVE, patch severity, and affected applications. This means that business-critical software updates can be activated without delay, empowering MSPs to better safeguard their clients against the constantly evolving threat landscape and assist in their compliance with the likes of GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Earn the trust of your clients

ESET’s dependable, market-leading solutions are already offered by more than 10,000 MSPs worldwide. They not only give MSPs the flexibility they need and provide multiple revenue streams, but they also help boost an MSP’s reputation, allowing them to keep their customers satisfied and loyal.

The brand-new ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management capability within ESET PROTECT Cloud helps MSPs support organizations that lack the budget and staff to do patch management effectively by themselves. Through the ESET PROTECT Platform, MSPs can decrease the complexity of cybersecurity and mitigate their clients’ exposure to new and emerging threats, whilst benefitting from full prevention, detection, and response.

To discover more about how our solutions can better safeguard your clients from a constantly evolving threat landscape and help you earn their trust, please click here.