ESET Micro Updates

Up-to-date security for operations with very limited internet access

About ESET Micro Updates

ESET's security solutions are suitable for industries with very limited internet access (e.g. via GPRS, satellite, radio) as well as those with strict update policies. In such environments it is still important to keep security updates, and detection engine with newest algorithms up-to-date, while balancing the cost and availability of an internet connection.

Our ESET Micro Updates are small and can also be distributed via e-mail. This means that more traffic resources can be devoted to other system needs or communications.

ESET Micro Updates are especially suitable for

Industries with very limited internet access

- shipping,
- transportation,
- public infrastructure,
- banking (POS terminals),
- heavy industry
- natural resources industry

Production plants running older hardware or operating systems

- manufacturing,
- automotive,
- aviation

Organizations applying very strict update policies

- military,
- pharmaceuticals

The smallest update size on the market

ESET Micro Updates are very small update files of 250 to 500 kilobytes per week. If for any reason you miss two consecutive updates, thus making a standard weekly update impossible, you can still download a differential update after 4 weeks (comprising around 1 to 2 megabytes). After that you may resume downloading standard weekly updates as usual.

Distribution and update process

Once a week, ESET generates a special differential update which contains all the essential changes from the previous week. The update format is compatible with all Version 3 and later ESET products. The update process is then straightforward – simply unpack the contents of the archive to a mirror directory and update all client computers from that mirror.

Minimal system footprint

ESET software is well known for its small system footprint. This has two advantages: It allows you to use the full power of your hardware, even during scanning and updates; and it makes ESET software fully compatible with older machines.

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