Your data is your business.
Secure IT!

Wouldn’t it be great to hold the ten keys to effective data protection? Well you can with Data Protection For Dummies 61-page e-book for SMB. Concise, relevant, engaging and FREE!

In this e-book brought to you by the ESET experts you’ll learn to:

  • Choose exactly the data security measures your company needs
  • Comply with latest data regulations (without tearing your hair out)
  • Make your company a non-target for cybercriminals
  • Minimize effects of any data breach or loss

Sneak Peak into Introduction and Chapter 1

  • Introduction – “Your business is too small to attack” – said no hacker, ever!
  • Chapter 1 – Measuring the true cost of a data breach
  • Looking at the modern threat landscape
  • Learning from past breaches
  • Understanding compliance mandates

We promise this e-book is not boring!