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Windows 8.1 Security—New and Improved

Aryeh Goretsky, March 2014

Hesperbot—A New Advanced Banking Trojan in the Wild

By Anton Cherepanov and Robert Lipovsky, November 2013

Six Months with Windows® 8

By Aryeh Goretsky, May 2013

Trends for 2012: Malware Goes Mobile

ESET Latin America, January 2012

Trends for 2013 - Astounding growth of mobile malware

ESET Latin America’s Lab, December 2012

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Latest Threat Reports

Global Threat Report for July 2015

Global Threat Report for June 2015

Global Threat Report for May 2015

Global Threat Report for April 2015

Global Threat Report for March 2015

Global Threat Report for February 2015

Global Threat Report for January 2015

Global Threat Report for December 2014

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Presentations and Research Articles

Latest Presentations

Defeating antiforensics in contemporary complex threats
By Aleksandr Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov, September 2012

Bootkit Threats: In Depth Reverse Engineering & Defense
By Eugene Rodionov and Aleksandr Matrosov, June 2012

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Latest Research Articles

Socialisation, social engineering, and securing the enterprise
By David Harley, November 2011

Security Zone: Antivirus testing standards at a crossroads
By David Harley, May 2011

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SC Magazine Award

SC Magazine

Five Stars, Outstanding Rating

ESET Endpoint Security earned the highest overall rating with five stars. “We found this product to be a straightforward install from both the server and client sides. Its overall ease of use and flexibility provide a lot of value for any organization.”

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