ESET Multi-Device Security

Flexible, simple, award-winning
Internet security

  1 Year 2 Years
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3 Computers + 3 Android Devices
PC and Mac               Smartphones and Tablets
5 Computers + 5 Android Devices
PC and Mac               Smartphones and Tablets

Protect up to 10 devices
and customize your security as needed.

Enjoy simple and effective Internet security so you can explore and socialize confidently. The ESET Unilicense allows you to conveniently mix and match award-winning Internet security for your Windows® and Mac® computers and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

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Keeping your family safe

Identity theft protection

Keep your private data safe from hackers with Personal Firewall. Prevent unwanted data copying to external devices with our Portable Device Control.

Keep kids safe online

Show them only the safe side of the Internet. With Parental Control, block more than 20 website categories or add your own.

Surf the web with confidence

Protect against attempts by fake websites to steal your personal information, shopping passwords and banking details with Anti-Phishing.

Tips for staying safe online

Complimentary ESET Cybersecurity Education provides tips on how to defend against cyber threats, scams and hackers.


Internet Security

Mobile and Tablet Security

• Antivirus
• Antispyware
• Anti-Phishing
• Anti-Theft
• Personal Firewall
• Parental Control
• Portable Device Control
• Antispam
• Social Media Scanner

• Exploit Blocker
• Advanced Memory Scanner
• Vulnerability Shield
• Small System Footprint
• Gamer Mode
• Complimentary Customer

* Feature availability subject to product and operating system.

• Antivirus
• Anti-Phishing
• App Scanning
• SMS & Call Filter
• Apps Audit
• Device Monitoring
• Proactive Anti-Theft
• Remote Lock

• Remote Wipe
• Remote Siren
• GPS Locator
• SIM Guard
• Complimentary Customer

* Some features are not available for tablets that do not support voice calls and text messaging.

Add security protection for up to 10 devices of your choice.


Mobile Devices

System Requirements are listed on product pages.


I use ESET Antivirus on my PC and Mac for home, work and traveling. It works quietly and behind the scenes. Since switching to ESET several years ago, I’ve not had any intrusions.

ESET integrates very well with my MacBook
Pro computer, and the user interface is simple and streamlined.


ESET Multi-Device Security

Mix and match protection for up to 10 devices.

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Free Support & Upgrades

Rely on professional technical support and always get the latest program upgrades for the duration of the license.
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