Radicati Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Market Quadrant 2020

ESET named 'Top Player' in Radicati APT Protection – Market Quadrant 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak going rampant, businesses across the globe face cybersecurity challenges and threats that got even more persistent, making proper APT protection their top priority.

This edition of Radicati report surveyed Advanced Persistent Threat Protection, which is a set of integrated solutions for the detection, prevention and possible remediation of zero-day threats and persistent malicious attacks.

The report examined 12 leading cybersecurity vendors in the market, assessing two main criteria: Functionality and Strategic Vision.

For the first time, ESET achieved the 'Top Player' recognition and is among the tight group of only 4 vendors with this distinction.

Radicati further explains that "Top Players – These are the current market leaders with products that offer, both breadth and depth of functionality, as well as possess a solid vision for the future. Top Players shape the market with their technology and strategic vision. Vendors don’t become Top Players overnight."

The report specifically pointed out ESET‘s strong detection capabilities, real-time data reporting & filtering, sandboxing/isolation capability, easy-to-use single pane of glass management console, threat hunting, remediation/response capabilities as well as multi-language support systems among other features.

Juraj Malcho, ESET’s Chief Technology Officer, commented: “We are thrilled to be ranked as a top player by Radicati in their latest report focused on detection & response capabilities of vendors. This placing is a reflection of ESET’s dedication to our cutting-edge security software and our commitment to innovation as the cybersecurity landscape evolves and becomes even more complex with advanced persistent threats & zero-day exploits becoming a reality for many small & large enterprises. We are proud to feature in this report for the first time, and to be recognized for our efforts in making technology safer for everyone.”

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Disclaimer: Vendors and products depicted in Radicati Market QuadrantSM should not be considered an endorsement, but rather a measure of The Radicati Group’s opinion, based on product reviews, primary research studies, vendor interviews, historical data, and other metrics.

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