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Automatic Incident Creator

We appreciate your interest in joining the Early Access Program and in helping us shape the Automatic Incident Creator.

ESET is currently designing and developing one of its unique components, the Automatic Incident Creator. This feature will add significant functionality to ESET Inspect Cloud by streamlining threat hunting and incident response. It combines state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with advanced heuristics, supported by our team of threat intelligence experts.

Upon completion of the development phase, this component will enable you to:

  • Cut down resolution time
  • Automate your incident response process
  • Get an instant grip of attacks via visualization tools
  • Respond to complex incidents without delay
  • Save resources for other crucial tasks

Product-related questions?
Contact us at product_management@eset.sk.

How will Early Access work?
To fine tune our incident correlation engine, which uses a combination of machine learning and advanced heuristics, we require as much real-world data as possible. This means access to Detections (and related Raw Events), triggered in client environments.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the correlation engine, and the incidents it automatically generates, our researchers will occasionally require direct access to the client console to gather the necessary information.
Specific conditions:

  • ESET will request consent to gather and process Detections from your ESET Inspect Cloud
  • In some cases, we will examine said Detections, for internal purposes only
  • On occasion, direct access to the ESET Inspect Cloud console will be necessary
  • We guarantee that no modifications will be made to the ESET Inspect Cloud configuration or customer environment
  • We guarantee absolutely no sharing of customer data outside of ESET

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