Increasing the security of your iOS device

While iOS malware is very rare, there are many other ways for a cybercrook to target your iPhone or iPad. Find out how to secure your personal data, company resources or your personal finances on an iOS device.

Why is there no antivirus for iOS?

On an iPhone or iPad, apps can communicate with each other only in very limited ways. There are no exceptions for security applications so an antivirus app for iOS would only be able to scan itself.

Why should I check my iOS protection?

Malware is not the only way to attack someone’s device. Oftentimes, iOS users should be more concerned about phishing scams targeting their online services and Apple ID credentials

Benefits of strong passwords and multifactor authentication

It is crucial to create strong and hard to guess passwords but even if your password is stolen or successfully guessed, there are ways to protect your personal data and finances.

ESET VPN and Password Manager for iOS Part of ESET HOME Security Ultimate

Secure your network connection in public and private spaces, and safely store and organize passwords, payment card numbers and other sensitive information on your device.

iOS security checklist
Are your settings keeping you safe?

Toggle the switches below to reflect the security options on your iOS device.

Step 2
Check the level of protection in the progress bar below. Learn in-depth information by clicking the "learn more" button.

If you're having problems looking up certain security features, use search within your iOS device.

Protection of your device:


Might not be sufficient


Pro tips to boost security of your iOS device

Check settings of your contactless payments

To stop criminals from abusing NFC technology to steal your savings, carefully go through the settings of contactless payments.

Which apps to uninstall and which to avoid?

There are some types of apps that iOS users should completely avoid as they might access all information that is typed on the device.

How to safely shop and use internet banking

Shopping online while using an unknown free Wi-Fi hotspot can put you at risk. If the hotspot has weak security, cybercrooks could eavesdrop on everything you type or input into your browser.

Regularly reboot your device

In some cases attackers might attack your device with something called an in-memory payload. However, these types of cyberattacks can’t persist on your device after a restart.

Enforce the protection of your company’s iOS fleet

ESET Mobile Device Management

is a part of our business solutions as additional layer of protection to computers, servers and cloud application security

  • app white-/blacklisting
  • web content filtering
  • passcode/Face ID policies
  • remote lock or wipe in case a company iOS device is lost or stolen.