ESET to Participate in RSA Conference 2019

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SINGAPORE,  16 July 2019 – ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, will be participating at the RSA Conference 2019 Asia Pacific & Japan. During the 3 day event, ESET Head of Threat Research, Jean-Ian Boutin and Software Engineer Filip Mazan, will be hosting a session regarding UEFI rootkits, used by infamous cyberespionage group Fancy Bear, and how to effectively hunt them.

Themed ‘Better’, the 7th edition of this annual event, to be held at Marina Bay Sands from 16th-18th July, plans to shed light on how everyone has a role to play in keeping the digital world safe with better solutions

“The adoption of new technology, brings about new threats. With the ubiquity of IoT devices and presence of insecure hardware platforms, we can expect cyberattacks to evolve to be more sophisticated.. It is important for consumers as well as businesses to understand the complexity of the threat landscape and the need for higher security for better performance,” said Jean-Ian Boutin, ESET Head of Threat Research.

During the conference, ESET spokespersons will be discussing how cyberespionage group Fancy Bear utilised UEFI rootkits to achieve unparallel persistence in targeted systems. Analysts suspect that such attacks will occur more often with copycats following closely behind. Boutin and Mazan will share insight on how machine learning  can play a significant role in ensuring protection against the threats of the future.

“This elusive rootkitis a good example of what future cyber threats will look like  covert, complex, and pernicious. As a cybersecurity solutions provider, we want to ensure that we equip our users with the technical means and knowledge needed to ensure a safer experience for themselves and those around them”,  added Boutin.

The RSA Conference is a global event committed to empowering individuals to stand against cyber threats around the world. Thousands of professionals from the government, private sector, and academia are expected to attend this event. As a pivotal platform for the IT security industry, attendees can expect the RSA Conference to provide a forum to exchange ideas, learn about the latest trends and get additional information about solutions for a more secure future.

To find out more about ESET and the cybersecurity solutions that they will be showcasing, please visit their session on 18th July during the RSA Conference 2019.